gray tie;
lolita, 20 y.o. | russia, moscow
i dont know who i am
maybe writer
or not

Then the girl took a shaky breath. She coughed and opened her eyes. Her irises were startlingly blue—electric blue…

The girl’s blue eyes stared into mine, and I understood what the Golden Fleece quest had been about. The poison-ing of the tree. Everything. Kronos had done it to bring another chess piece into play—another chance to control the prophecy…

"I am Thalia," the girl said. "Daughter of Zeus."

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During filming, his attention to detail is meticulous, obsessive even, down to the paper that covers the set walls or the clip that glints in the leading lady’s hair.
”I like the minutiae, the actual details of everyday life. I think that the detail is in the small things, like crumbs on a table, or flowers in a vase.”

(Joe Wright, Director)

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Holy mother of god.

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Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey photographed by Simon Procter (x)