gray tie;
lolita, 20 y.o. | russia, moscow
i dont know who i am
maybe writer
or not

“You will always go into that tent. You will see her scar and wonder where she got it. You will always be amazed at how one woman can have so much black hair. You will always fall in love, and it will always be like having your throat cut, just that fast. You will always run away with her. You will always lose her. You will always be a fool. You will always be dead, in a city of ice, snow falling into your ear. You have already done all of this and will do it again.” 

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mini in S06E09

"…that’s Marlene McKinnon, she was killed two weeks after this was taken, they got her whole family." — Alastor Moody, Chapter 9, Order of the Phoenix

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Citadel (2012)


Richard & Lizzie || 1x10: The Final Battle 

сoldplay: the scientist 

june 2008, when they lost their son


best first kisses

sawyer and kate (lost)

James Potter & Lily Evans